Want to work in US? Get H1 B

So you want to give wings to your career by adopting different work culture to learn many more skills required to hone yourself? And US seems to be a lucrative destination that may provide you ample opportunities to grow and flourish in your career? Then all you need is to know about H1 b visa.

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Eligibility criteria          

You should possess a specialty skill set to be eligible for this particular visa. It is also desirable to have minimum of bachelor’s r master’s degree. There should also be an employer employee relationship.

There are things to be done from your end that include searching for companies that meet your criteria and skill or professional qualifications. Apply for the openings in such companies. After all the formalities are over, your lawful employer in US should file for petition with US immigration department for you under the working quota. H1 b visa assistance can be sought from immigration firms who have varied experience in dealing with different cases of immigration.

The general qualification rule for H1 b visa

The general rule for h1 b visa says that you will earn 3 points for every year you have studied in a college or university. And you will earn one point for each year of experience. Overall you need to earn 12 points to qualify for h1b visa.

Nashville’s leading Immigration attorney can help you with arrangements and documentation that are necessary for applying H1b visa.

Dos and don’ts under H1 b visa

You can travel in and out the US many number of times within the valid time period. You are eligible to work under the employer who has sponsored your visa. It is illegal to work under another employer under this visa category.

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