“Must Read” review of XM forex trading

Ekzaga’s parent company is U.S. based and publicly traded GAIN Capital Holdings Inc (NYSE: GCAP). It focuses on CFDs, spread betting and options in xm forex, indicators, stocks, commodities, bonds, interest rates, and cryptocurrencies. The GAIN connection is evident in this well-organized and thoroughly competitive broker who has been initially founded in 1983. An impressive product catalog, exceptional platform choices, and powerful search facilities focus on a broad spectrum of traders and investors, from low-skilled retailers to well-financed associations looking for complicated hookups and a lightning-fast trading port.

Arzaga scored nicely in most review classes, but defects are Still evident, for example, confusing and conflicting options-fee disclosures, a deficiency of volume discounts and no supplemental insurance policy coverage.


Large product catalog

CryptoCurrency coverage

Sophisticated backtesting


No quantity reductions

No societal trading information

Margin discounts limited to specialist balances.

The agent is licensed through the Financial Conduct Authority. An ESMA-mandated revelation indicates that 73 percent of retail accounts now eliminate money when trading CFDs, which is about average in the Eurozone. The U.K. Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) provides up to #50,000 coverage in the event of a broker default. However, they list no private or additional coverage.

Arzaga offers Guaranteed stop-loss coverage for reduced as well as a complex set of conditional orders within their trading platforms. Oddly, the firm’s small Singapore branch uses two-factor authentication for added security, but this helpful feature wasn’t available at the U.K. site. The broker acts chiefly as a market maker, as the majority of European CFD brokers, raising conflict of interest issues. However, they offer central clearing “certain markets” as a free service that requires a new client application.

Fee and spread disclosures provide great transparency. Nevertheless, it was challenging to locate options costs. Information on commission schedules was Contradictory; also, it had been difficult to find cost comparisons. They offer fixed or Variable spreads, based upon the place, but the disclosures would substantially help From side-by-side price itemization. It also isn’t clear just how much spreads widen During off-market hours, increasing the prospect of sudden trading expenses.

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