Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

If you have unsecured debt over #5,000 and you are trying to meet payments, then an IVA would possibly be the solution you are looking for.

An IVA, or even individual voluntary arrangement, is a legally binding agreement between you and your creditors, in which you consent to pay for a cheap monthly payment for a predetermined period — usually 5 or 6 decades. After this fixed period, some residual debt will be composed. Your credit history could be affected for six decades.

You make a monthly payment on us, and we distribute it to creditors, removing the worry that you may miss a payment.


Create one affordable monthly repayment.

We’ll give you a time scale of when the debt is likely to be cleared.

Reduce your monthly outgoings inline with, what you can afford.

Will protect your home from creditors if you’re a homeowner.

Freeze your interest and charges.

Stop letters and phone calls from the creditors.

Cease collectors and bailiffs from calling one.


You will be tied into the agreements for the complete term.

You won’t be able to get additional credit greater than #500 without your boss’s consent.

Homeowners will need to check in to releasing equity from their residence.

Struggling to Follow this IVA may result in bankruptcy.

Your credit file might be changed for six years.

Certain debts will continue to be outstanding.

Step 1 — your initial telephone to us

You can either call us at 0161 837 4000 or request a free call back here. We do so for two reasons; the foremost is that an Individual Voluntary Arrangement usually takes fourteen days or more to process and should we get you started to a DMP it may make things betteryou in the brief term. The second rationale is that there isn’t any assurance that creditors will soon accept an IVA, so if it hasn’t consented, it is sensible to have a back-up plan.

Step 2 — the IVA proposal

On your initial phone call, being a consequence of the DMP assessment, we’ll also assess your basic eligibility for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement also, if appropriate, pass you on our IVA assessment team for a full examination.

When we feel that an IVA may be right for your circumstances, we will send you an application form & begin drafting your IVA. We’ll keep in close connection with you along with your creditors during this period to be able to be sure that the information is correct.

Step 3 — the assembly of creditors (MOC)

Once we’ve drafted your proposal, we’ll ship it out to creditors in the order they could contemplate it. We’ll then arrange a”by proxy” meeting at which all creditors may vote by post regarding whether to accept your Personal Voluntary Arrangement proposal.

Measure 4 — the IVA has been approved

For the Personal Savings Deal to advance 75 percent of your creditors who vote will probably want to agree that it. Hopefully, your IVA will soon be accepted, after which your case will be passed into our oversight section. This is where your IVA is going to be looked after for you. A passionate team will look once you if you have any problems or wish to ask questions.

As suggested by its name, on IVA can be an individual arrangement, and therefore fees vary from case to case.

You can find three kinds of fee involved in an IVA:

A nominee’s charge, a supervisor’s cost, and disbursement prices:

The nominee’s loss will be for establishing and agreeing that the IVA together with you and your creditors and is usually a fixed value fee. This will undoubtedly be obtained before any payment is made for creditors.

It is different for the supervisor’s fees. All these are for the continuing management of your IVA and are usually on a percent basis and spread across the whole period of your IVA.

Besides, there are disbursement costs which pay all of the miscellaneous expenses of creating and maintaining an IVA, such as enrollment fee, insurance, etc..

IVA illustration

Example based on a critical, with approx. #31,000 of unsecured loans who completes a five year IVA and does not have any equity in any land.

Average monthly payments (60 weeks ) #300

Entire compensated by a debtor (including fees) #18,000

Manager’s fee #3,149

Manager’s costs #290

Total amount paid to lenders #12,857 (41 percent )

As being a proper bankruptcy procedure, an IVA is a legally binding agreement along with your unsecured creditors and demands an insolvency practitioner (referred to as an IP address ).

An IP address is a qualified professional with all an ability to take care of insolvency cases. They will soon be responsible for ensuring your IVA is reasonable for both you and your creditors all of the ways through.

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